These delicious muffins over on the Recipes page are adapted from a recipe in Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso – thank you Sarah.

We change the ingredients according to whatever is in fridge or freezer and they make a perfect breakfast, lunch or snack. Forget those bird food cereal bars and eat one of these instead. They are seriously delicious. We make extra and freeze them so that Richard can take them out the freezer before he leaves for work and have them for breakfast when he gets there. Just pop them in the microwave to warm them up but they are just as nice cold. We often use frozen peppers in quick recipes as they are more economical. Frozen spinach is really handy too as it cooks so quickly. Morrisons is definitely better than the Co-op brand – it retains its shape and doesn’t turn into a soggy mess. We use minced beef, minced lamb, minced pork, bacon – whatever you have to hand.

It is hard to find sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil rather than sunflower oil. Waitrose sell them (Cook’s Ingredients range) but I’ve been having a look at making our own sun-dried tomatoes as they are expensive to buy. Apparently you can dry them in the oven, but a dehydrator looks more efficient and easier on the energy consumption. We did look at getting a dehydrator last year so that we can make snacks like jerky. Trying to find jerky without a host of additives and sugars is hard, and when you do it is really expensive so it makes sense to prepare your own. Dehydrators range in price from around £100 to the latest super-duper model at around £399. Excalibur seems to be the preferred model but the Sedona digital (£399) is also quite impressive. You would have to dehydrate quite a lot of food to make it worthwhile, but if you have a glut of vegetables in the garden or get a good deal on your meat it would work out well. You could also dehydrate herbs. The world of dehydrating is new to me, but it looks like a valuable addition to the paleo diet.

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