The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf – fantastic book and fun to read. The chapter on grains was extremely interesting. I refer back to this again and again. A great overview of the science behind the lifestyle but practical advice on menus and exercise too.

The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sissons – another ‘must-have’.

Primal Body Primal Mind by Nora Gedgaudas – Nora manages to cram so much information into her books and talks; a treasure-trove of all things Paleo and beyond.

The Wahls Protocol by Terry Wahls – see my review here.

The Primal Connection by Mark Sissons – I loved this book. A thoughtful and enjoyable read that extends the Primal lifestyle into areas of our lives that we often overlook – a holistic approach to ancestral health.

The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain 

The Paleo Coach by Jason Seib

The Paleo Manifesto by John Durant

Escape the Diet Trap by Dr John Briffa

Misguided Medicine: The truth behind ill-advised medical recommendations and how to take health back by Colin E. Champ M.D.

Your Personal Paleo Code by Chris Kresser

It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig


The Wahls Protocol by Terry Wahls – see my review here.

Brain Grain by Dr David Perlmutter – see my review here

Not All In the Mind by Richard Mackarness – out of print but see my review here


Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo – a ton of advice in here on all things Paleo (not just recipes)

Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso – a great starting point. Also includes a really useful exercise section.

Everyday Paleo Around the World: Italian Cuisine by Sarah Fragoso

Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans – we bought this for our Paleo-foodie friends and they rate it highly!

Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat by Melissa Joulwan

Well Fed 2: More Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat

Everyday Paleo: Thai Cuisine


Against the Grain by Richard Manning – What an amazing book! An investigation into the effects of our transition from hunter-gatherers to farmers and the consequences for humanity.

The Other Side of Eden: Hunter-Gatherers, Farmers and the Shaping of the World by Hugh Brodie – a beautifully written book that explores the triumph of farming over the hunter-gatherer. Reading this changed my perspective on our relationship with agriculture, food and the land we live in – a truly wonderful book. With thanks to Professor Scruton for recommending it in his excellent article:
Tally ho! Let the hunt remind us who we are by Roger Scruton

The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith – a fascinating and controversial look into the issue of mono-crops, sustainability and ethical food choices

Swallow This: Serving Up the Food Industry’s Darkest Secrets by Joanna Blythman

Doctoring Data by Malcolm Kendrick



For a list of Paleo-friendly suppliers and products see the Resources and Suppliers page.

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