Meaty muffins

These delicious muffins are adapted from a recipe in Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso – thank you Sarah. We change the ingredients according to whatever is in fridge or freezer and they make a perfect breakfast, lunch or snack. Forget those bird food cereal bars and eat one of these instead. They are seriously delicious. We make extra and freeze them so that Richard can take them out the freezer before he leaves for work and have them for breakfast when he gets there. Just pop them in the microwave to warm them up but they are just as nice cold. We often use frozen peppers in quick recipes as they are more economical. Frozen spinach is really handy too as it cooks so quickly. Morrisons is definitely better than the Co-op brand – it retains its shape and doesn’t turn into a soggy mess. We use minced beef, minced lamb, minced pork, bacon – whatever you have to hand.


Makes 12 muffins – quantities of vegetables are a rough estimate, just add to taste

Half a red onion

100g frozen peppers

200g frozen spinach

1lb minced meat

6 large eggs

70g sun-dried tomatoes



Chop the red onion in the food processor and fry in coconut oil until soft and golden.




Add the peppers and spinach and cook until soft.





Add the meat and fry until gently browned. You could add any herbs or spices you wish at this stage too.





Put the onion, pepper, spinach and meat into the food processor.





Roughly chop the sun-dried tomatoes and add to mixture.





Process until finely chopped (but not like a paste).




Whisk eggs in a large bowl.




Add veg and meat to eggs and mix. Season mixture well.




Spoon mixture into the lightly buttered muffin cases (we use the silicone cases and they are great).




Cook in a medium oven (around 180) for about 30 minutes.




Allow to cool on a wire rack.






Little cakes of loveliness…

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