Paleo f (x) Austin 2014

The Robb & Mark Show


Panel: Mark Sisson, Robb Wolf, Abel James (Moderator)


Able Mark Robb 2



  • Profit-motivated individualism is the way to correct the system. This movement will be driven by economics
  • Need the de-centralisation of food distribution and a free market economy
  • Corporations will answer demand for the individual’s free choice
  • Keep the science credible
  • Be willing to adapt if necessary
  • Turn around negative publicity
  • We cannot be too dogmatic on any topic, for instance low carb
  • The issue of gut health will be the thing that turns the tide. It is the hottest area of research. The importance of gut health – Paleo owns this!
  • The importance of distilling information down – simplicity
  • Big business will pick up on Paleo. There is a large petro-chemical company interested in the RA health inititative/Paleo
  • We have to be careful how we define happiness. There is a danger of inflicting our idea of happiness on others
  • We must look at ways of creating community
  • An Australian researcher had tried ancestral health solutions in the 1950’s but at the time, there were no social networking facilities to connect people
  • Paleo offers choices backed up by research but we need to keep it open and not force it. People have to want to change.


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