It’s that time again! The biggest and the best Paleo conference this weekend with a fantastic line-up of speakers. Wish I was there but looking forward to catching some of the presentations via the LIVESTREAM

Check out the SCHEDULE.

The following sessions look particularly good:

Art De Vaney on The Paleo Model of Longevity

Chris Kresser on Too Much Junk in the Trunk: The Growing Role of Environmental Toxins in Human Disease

Marc Angelo Coppola on Building Movements: How Sustainable Farming and an Education Based Revolution Will Change Our World

Kevin Johnson on Time In The Void: Flotation Tank – I have tried flotation sessions many times and can totally recommend them.

Trina Felber on Skincare. Cancer-Care. Sick-Care. Do YOU-CARE What’s in Your Beauty-Care?

Panel on How to Achieve Permaculture in the Digital Age


For a list of Paleo-friendly suppliers and products see the Resources and Suppliers page.

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