Human Health: A Cooking Demonstration

Sarah Fragoso, Author, Everyday Paleo

Taylor Collins, Co-founder, Epic Bar


I think that this demonstration – together with the butchery demonstration that followed – were a very important part of the conference. We can talk about what needs doing but the power of the consumer is huge and has the potential to change things radically. Things need to change at the kitchen table as well as at the policy table. Altering people’s cooking and shopping habits is not an easy thing – companies devote billions to doing just that. However, the more that people like Sarah can demonstrate that eating in a Paleo-friendly way using grass-fed meat is both easy and delicious, the more that demand will increase. Sarah was helped by Taylor Collins of Epic Bars. I tried one of these over in Austin and they are absolutely gorgeous. Likewise, the more that people like Taylor can provide healthy snack bars to replace some of the cereal and sugar laden rubbish that we are faced with in every shop, service station and public-owned building in the country, the better.

This was a great cooking demo from Sarah and Taylor; lamb cooked simply with butter and flavoured with sage and rosemary, together with Drunken Cauliflower from Sarah’s book Everyday Paleo Around the World: Italian Cuisine.

The bacon (or pancetta) was cooked in the butter until golden, then cauliflower florets were added with some garlic cloves cut in half. After cooking for a few minutes, add a glass of white wine and cover the pan. After around 6 minutes (or until the cauliflower is tender but still retains a bite) add some dried chilli flakes and garlic-infused olive oil. It was finished with lemon pepper.

I managed to get a taste afterwards and it was fantastic. The drunken cauliflower is now to become a favourite! Definitely try it.

Sarah used grass-fed lamb donated from Sheepdrove Farm.

The bacon was from The Ginger Pig in Borough market (this market is the place in London for foodies)

Spices were from Spice Mountain

Sarah stressed the need to take control over our food sources. The work of the Savory Institute will help us to do that.

She also talked about the need to be accountable for our food choices.

We also need to re-connect family and food. Food brings families together but this is something that we are in danger of losing.

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