Paleo f (x) Austin 2014: Becoming the Bridge: A Practical Approach to Aligning Western Medicine and Ancestral Health

Speaker: Dr. Rick Henriksen


How can we frame our message to help teach patients or families and friends?

  1.        Build a relationship of trust
  2.        Remain patient – not forceful and don’t give up if they don’t want to make the change overnight
  3.        Frame the issue/story
    •          Narrative stories
    •          Figures of speech – i. e. ‘Caveman’ diet
    •          Metaphors – i.e. ‘eat real food’, ‘Atkins’, numbers (%’s etc.). Ok to use these as tools
    •          Ambiguity – using the term ‘whole food diet’ or even ‘plant-based diet’ can build coalitions
  1.        Ditch the negative and remain positive

Use a role model to show a positive change. Importance of introducing elements of an ancestral health diet into other diets such as FODMAPS, DASH etc.


“It is about creating a culture where nutrition is an instrument to treat illness”


There has been a re-structuring of guidelines for health practitioners to ensure that a greater number of people are on drugs such as statins.

Help people to think about what they are doing and then go from there

  •          How important is it to them?
  •          How likely are they to make a change?


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Dr. Rick Henriksen

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