Fatty Coffee


We have tried so many permutations of coffee – with various combinations of butter, cream (when we were eating dairy), coconut oil (we haven’t tried MCT oil though). They are all delicious, but this has to be the best…

If you want a really high-fat breakfast that will keep you full until lunch time (or more) then this is perfect. It works well as a great breakfast substitute if you need one.

For a normal coffee, we just use a splash of coconut milk.

With thanks to Abel James, Fat-burning Man.

Brew your coffee (in whatever you use) and add butter, coconut oil, coconut milk and cinnamon. If you like, you can also add cocoa or vanilla.

Fatty Coffee 1
Fatty Coffee 2




Whizz up until fully blended.




Pop it back on to the machine to keep warm. You could also make this in a cafetiere.

Check out this page for more on tea and coffee.


Fatty Coffee 3
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