The Vegetable Garden – photographs


Click on the images below for a selection of photographs taken at various times over the past few years. More to come as we get the garden back on track…

February 2010 – clearing

July 2010 – the polytunnel is up and courgettes take over!

March 2011 – more beds and a compost bin go in.

June 2011 – results!

February 2012 – looking sad. No more pictures taken for a while.

April 2015 – reclaiming the garden!

April 2010 – the first beds and greenhouse go in

September 2010 – more beds and our first tomatoes

April 2011 – a second polytunnel and greenhouse

July 2011 – results!

August 2014 – vegetables for the first time since 2011!

Flowers – a selection of some flowers – some grown from seed and bulbs

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