Putting Grasslands to Work: Investing in People and Land


Katherine Collins, Founder and CEO, Honeybee Capital



I am a professional investor.

We are all investors every day. Investing is an embodied belief.

Because of technology, we have more data now than ever before (see photo of an app that Katherine has to check stocks on her phone)

Despite this, we are more disconnected with each other than ever before.


Risk vs Uncertainty

Risk is when we know the range of possible outcomes i.e. thinking of a number between 1 and 10.

Uncertainty is when we do not know the range of possible outcomes. We cannot imagine them and this is terrifying.

For investors, the question is ‘How do we manage uncertainty?’ It is fear that motivates most decisions.


I looked at the work of Tom Seeley at Cornell University – How honeybees make decisions.

The first thing that they do is leave the hive.

We can ask the question ‘What would nature do?’  This leads us to Biomimicry.

We have to look at:

  1. The context
  2. What we are trying to do

What would it look like if our investments were biomimetic?

We have to invest in nature and have to invest with nature.

We need to respond to increasing volatility.

Learning how to integrate the natural world in our decisions overcomes fear.

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