Paleo f(x) Austin 2014

Gluten and the Gut

Panel: Dr. Lane Sebring, Jordan Reasoner, Dr. Amy Myers, Dr. Daniel Kalish, Jennifer Fugo


  • Gluten leads to adrenal stress as cortisol rises in response to inflammation. These higher levels of cortisol then present as a hormone problem
  • Gliadin is viewed as a foreign invader (molecular mimicry) and when gliadin attacks the thyroid, it results in Hashimoto’s disease. Some doctors prescribe Naltrexone as this reprogrammes the T-cells to stop them attacking. Hormone issues present problems with hair, skin, nails etc which can be  easily tracked
  • The 80/20 rule does not work with gluten! In a gluten-sensitive individual, antibodies can jump up for around 3 months after consuming minimal amounts of gluten. Therefore, if you eat gluten 4 times a year, your antibodies are constantly high
  • Should we get tested? Not necessarily! Just stay gluten-free forever. Many on the panel did not test for gluten. Everyone is gluten-sensitive, it’s just that some people can heal quicker. The best test is the test that you do yourself: take gluten out of the diet and bring it back in.  This is the gold standard of testing
  • There is gluten in shampoo, hairspray, make-up, in the kitchen (cross contamination with knives, boards etc). For those who are extremely gluten sensitive, this needs to be watched
  • Gluten mimics morphine receptors in the brain. Some may have gluten withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression, most of which are gone in around 60 days. An exercise regime to release endorphins helps with this. Parasympathetic breathing can also have a calming effect
  • Gluten-free products are processed foods. In a gluten-sensitive individual the GI tract is already inflamed so they need to eat easily digestible foods. Most gluten-free products are made with grains and so avoiding these will allow the gut to heal more quickly. Gluten-free products plays into Western society’s need for ‘products’
  • There are new regulations which allow ‘gluten-friendly’ labels. Beware as these are not regulated and not the same as gluten-free. If gluten comes into contact with the product, it is not gluten-free
  • There are many different grains that cause molecular mimicry, so avoid all grains. Coffee is also a  known cross-reactor but only instant coffee – not fresh. DO NOT DRINK INSTANT COFFEE
  • GI sensitivity and infections: we look for leaky gut, decreased stromach acid, Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and Candida. The three prescriptions for this are: a Paleo diet, Omega-3 fish oil and a pro-biotic with a lot of variety such as PharmeX
  • Figure out what jhealth means to you. Is it healing auto-immunity or getting a six-pack? Think about HOW YOU WANT TO LIVE YOUR LIFE
  • To check for gluten-free products such as shampoo, etc, check the cealiac swebsites and the websites of guests
  • Some discussion of whether European wheat is better tolerated than US wheat as it is not hybridized, but this was disputed. The most important thing is to fix the gut first
  • Can we ever re-introduce gluten once the gut has healed? NO!!! Why would you want to? It would be like going back to drugs if you are an addict
  • Some foods such as spinach show up as sensitive because of a leaky gut, but when the gut heals, they are safe to eat again
  • Some said that if you were to go for a test, the GI pathogen test is better than a gluten-sensitivity test
  • Others said that if you could only do one test – it should be a test for leaky gut (Cyrex or Dunwoody Labs)
  • Serotonin is a big player in the gut and therefore issues of depression can be gut-related
  • Migraines are an inflammatory disease. Case of a patient who suffered migraines for 9 years and within 3 days he was healed
  • Relationship between Candida and leaky gut is like a chicken and egg – not sure what comes first. May not necessarily be leaky gut. There are 19 triggers for a leaky gut
  • If you were C-sectioned and bottled fed, your risk of leaky gut is HIGH!
  • Take gluten out for 60 days and then reintroduce and monitor the reaction


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