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Here are a few of the most well-known people in the ancestral health community.

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The superlative Robb Wolf (who studied with Professor Cordain) is the current figurehead of the Paleo ‘movement’ and is probably the most well-known advocate of the diet. His Paleo Solution book, website and podcasts are absolutely essential and his groundbreaking work with the services is reaping dividends in the US (see also here and here). A former research biochemist and power lifter, Robb suffered crippling IBS, ulcerative colitis and faced a major bowel resection at age 28, before finding the work of Profs De Vany and Cordain. Robb’s passion for helping as many people as possible is a powerful driving force and has helped to spread Paleo to a wide audience. His focus on the diet in relation to permaculture and sustainability are extremely interesting, in particular his work with the fascinating Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms and the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund. Pop over to Resources for more information and a link to a truly astonishing video clip regarding the inspection of Quail Hollow Farm by Southern Nevada Health District. The Farm to Consumer Legal Defence Fund works to defend family farms and consumer access to their produce.  Robb’s recent series of podcasts with David Duley on I Can Fix America were thought-provoking and timely discussions on political issues facing the US. Read and listen to Robb Wolf’s work; he is an inspiration – thank you Robb.



Professor Loran Cordain, Boyd Eaton and Professor Art De Vany are among the originators of the evolutionary diet approach. Cordain’s position on saturated fats changed slightly since the original (2202) edition of his book The Paleo Diet, but Professor Cordain revised his beliefs in the light of new evidence (as all good scientists do).

Listen to some interviews with Professor Cordain here:

Interview with Dr Andreas Eenfeldt

Interview on Jimmy Moore’s La Vida Low Carb show

Listen to interviews with Art De Vany here:

Interview on Jimmy Moore’s La Vida Low Carb show

De Vany on Steroids, Baseball, and Evolutionary Fitness



Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple, created the Primal Blueprint. An exceptional website and books that are invaluable resources for anyone following the ancestral health movement. As a former marathon runner and triathlete, Mark suffered the consequences of excessive cardio exercise and strict dietary regimes before formulating the primal approach to living.  There are so many wonderful interviews with Mark on the net, but here are a few:

Under the Yellow Light

Interview with Dr Andreas Eenfeldt

Interview with Angelo Coppola on his Latest in Paleo podcast

Interview with Tom Woods



A clinical professor of medicine and a previously active marathon runner, mountain climber and tae kwon do black belt, Dr Terry Wahls was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2000. She has used dietary and lifestyle changes to radically change the path of her health and while once confined to a tilt-reclined pushchair she is now able to walk and even ride her bike. Her excellent book The Wahls Protocol,  is a ‘must-read’ for anyone interested in protecting their neurological health and the Ted talk she gave in 2011 called Minding Your Mitochondria is fascinating.

Watch this talk by Dr Wahl’s here.

Listen to this great interview with Terry Wahls on Robb Wolf’s podcast here.



Nora Gedgaudas is a nutritional consultant, biofeedback expert and author of Primal Body Primal Mind. She is a fascinating talker – check out this great presentation at AHS 2013.



Sarah Fragoso of Everyday Paleo is author of several books and presents the excellent Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness podcast with Jason Seib. During the podcasts, Sarah often gives a wealth of ideas for meals and planning menus and is great on how to adjust children to a paleo diet too, as well as tackling any food-orientated special occasions or events that might throw up problems.



Functional Medicine practitioner Chris Kresser also came to Paleo after many years of ill health. Motivated to study by the failure of conventional medicine to help him, Chris studied Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Functional Medicine. His website is always worth reading with up-to-date research information and excellent reviews of the latest health stories.



Former Navy Seal and currently a Medical Consultant and Clinician, Dr Parsley is also a Naval Special Warfare’s Expert on Sleep Medicine. Listen to this excellent interview with with Robb Wolf. He gave an excellent presentation at Paleo f(x) on sleep – see here.



Melissa (Nutritionist) and Dallas (Strength & Conditioning Specialist) of the famous Whole30 program wrote the best-selling book  It Starts With Food. They also run training programs, consultancy sessions, give talks at event such as Paleo f(x) and have an outstanding series of manifestos over on their Resources page. Definitely check them out!



Dr Colin Champ (otherwise known as the Caveman Doctor ) is a trainee Radiation Oncologist. His podcasts are always informative and the website is a valuable resource with a particular emphasis on the relationship between diet and disease – especially cancer.



Dr Andreas Eenfeldt over at Diet Doctor brings the Swedish perspective to the table and has some really amazing interviews with low carb and ancestral health figures. His excellent presentation ‘The Food Revolution‘ at AHS 2011 is a must-watch.



Tom Naughton of the Fat Head blog, science writer and comedian, made the original Fat Head film in 2009. It was a funny and informative riposte to Morgan Spurlock’s ‘Super Size Me’ and a fascinating critique of conventional wisdom regarding the lipid hypothesis. Since then, Tom has added an additional segment to the film in which he discusses his adoption of the Paleo lifestyle. It is a must-see, but do try to get hold of the latter film with additional material – available on his website. Tom is also a science writer and his entertaining ‘Science for Smart People’ presentation on the Low Carb Cruise (also available to buy on the website) gives an insight into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ science  and teaches us how to spot the manipulation of scientific ‘facts’ to prove a theory.


For a list of Paleo-friendly suppliers and products see the Resources and Suppliers page.

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