Paleo f (x) Austin 2014

Perception is Reality: The Biggest Lie in the Fitness Industry

Speaker : Jim Laird


Jim Laird


  • Build your health pyramid on a base of sleep, daily activity and nutrition, followed by quality movement and meditation on the next level and finally at the top – and only finally – on training
  • Without a solid base and secondary level, all training is ultimately prone to failure
  • A strength coach should basically be a stress management specialist
  • The problem with crossfit is that it is all about ‘breaking’ people
  • Training programmes that expect otherwise unhealthy individuals to go into a boot-camp style regime and get results, without addressing other problems first and foremost, are doomed to failure

I signed up for a short training session with Jim on the Monday, in which we concentrated on breathing and warm-up exercises (no stretching!) and some squatting. Jim spotted a problem with my shoulder – or rather ribs – instantly and demonstrated how a few simple deep breathing exercises immediately helped with the immobility. He also suggested that I look for another physio as the exercises I had been given were of no use. In addition, Jim advised the work of Gray Cooke (as above).

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