Connecting the Public with Regeneration


John D. Liu, Filmmaker and Director, Environmental Education Media Project


Documentary ‘Hope in a Changing Climate’

Loess plateau in China

Can the destruction process be reversed?

Converted slopes into terraces – the return of natural vegetation.

In Ethiopia, gullies formed by run-off in the rainy season leads to drought

The question is ‘Why don’t we do this on a global scale?’ the film is in the curriculum for Vietnamese school children.

In Rwanda, they have re-written land use economic laws as a response to the film.

In order to restore systems, we have to first understand them.

All civilizations have the same problem. They have used unsustainable agriculture.

Work of Dr Heller and the Baobab Trust.

People must be engaged in restoring the earth.

There is a falsehood at the centre of human economy that has to be changed.

Ecosystem function is more valuable than the production of goods and services.

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