Paleo f (x) Austin 2014

Becoming the Bridge: A Practical Approach to Aligning Western Medicine and Ancestral Health

Dr. Rick Henriksen


How can we frame our message to help teach patients or families and friends?
1.       Build a relationship of trust
2.       Remain patient – not forceful and don’t give up if they don’t want to make the change overnight
3.       Frame the issue/story

Narrative stories:

  •  Figures of speech – i. e. ‘Caveman’ diet
  • Metaphors – i.e. ‘eat real food’, ‘Atkins’, numbers (%’s etc.). Ok to use these as tools
  • Ambiguity – using the term ‘whole food diet’ or even ‘plant-based diet’ can build coalitions
  1.        Ditch the negative and remain positive

Use a role model to show a positive change. Importance of introducing elements of an ancestral health diet into other diets such as FODMAPS, DASH etc.
It is about creating a culture where nutrition is an instrument to treat illness
There has been a re-structuring of guidelines for health practitioners to ensure that a greater number of people are on drugs such as statins.

Help people to think about what they are doing and then go from there.

How important is it to them?

How likely are they to make a change?


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